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White Branch

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White Structure

1. Was there ever a time where you felt unsure of yourself, how did you overcome it?

2. Has your physical appearance ever made you feel singled out?

3.  What is your best technique in overcoming your obstacles?

4.  Do you feel that your community should be more educated in terms of what minorities go through?

5. What do you think would be a positive step toward the eradication of racism?

6.  What steps do you think we should do as students to make more people feel included at school?

7. What was your journey to self love?

1. I have felt unsure of myself because of my race. I learned to overcome it by keeping my identity and staying strong and true to myself. And not caring about what others thought of me. 


2. My physical appearance has definitely made me feel singled out. Especially going to a high school that is majority white, students and teachers. I hated it when teachers would say racial things that would make people of color feel uncomfortable and would have to speak up for it. Let me say it for people. People of color it is not your job to educate others around you! 


3. My best technique is to think outside the box a bit. Everyone is born different for a reason. I am born different and unfortunately born a threat as well. I don’t let what people say or think get to me. 


4. Our community should be personally responsible to become more ethically aware and educated then the area they grew up in. So yes, our community needs better education about what minorities go through and racism.

5. Letting the students of color speak freely about what they are experiencing to the teachers. Regardless of how they feel. And having the teachers actually take the steps and follow through with what the people of color are saying could be useful. 


6. That’s a hard question. You can’t change people. I think the staff and teachers need to have more talks about racism and inclusion for that to work. 


7. My journey to self love was just accepting me for me. Theirs no point in complaining because you are who you are and you’re stuck with yourself whether you like it or not. Building that confidence of self love is very important. I realized that I can’t change my skin color. But instead I can be proud of it and embrace who I am!

A Story of Self Love From Rebekah Denver


Stuti, A High School Junior 

Hi Everyone!
My name is Stuti and I love the skin I'm in. I started this blog because I wanted to help others see the beauty of themselves and share the stories of what people of color go through everyday. As a person of color, it was hard for me to accept myself because I found it so easy to compare what I looked like to others. Once I realized that I am beautiful just the way I am, I wanted to share my experience with others to help them love themselves no matter what society may say. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey and I hope you learn to love yourself just as I did. 

Meet Shanta, A High School Junior and Vice President of SkintoSkin

Hi everyone! My name is Shanta, and I’m a junior in high school. I wanted to be a part of this blog with Stuti because I thought it would be important to bring light to other people’s stories. I love the color of my skin. I have dealt with many comments which put down my appearance but I have learned to not dwell on these comments too much. I hope you do too. 

All Skin Colors Are Beautiful.

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